Why Gov.uk Is The Best Design Of The Year

Each year the Designs of the Year awards are handed out for outstanding design in areas ranging from architecture to fashion. The awards are sponsored by the Design Museum and are considered the “Oscars” of the design world.

Winning the top award this year was the British government website GOV.UK. The site is a portal for all of the UK government’s websites and features a minimalist design created by the Government Digital Service. The design was lauded for its well thought out yet understated layout and was the unanimous choice of the judges. Read the rest of this entry »


The Most Inspiring Mobile App Websites

Web design and Internet technology has come a long way in the past few decades. Smartphones are the norm for most people with cellphones. There are a variety of inspiring mobile app websites that offer free downloadable apps that can make your life easier. The Internet provider you choose should have a good reputation for not dropping your Internet connection. It is frustrating to be surfing the Internet and your connection freezes or gets dropped. A large Internet provider will likely have better service than a small Internet provider. Choose the Internet provider with the best service, and Read the rest of this entry »


Top 15 Resources & Tools For Web Developers

Designing a beautiful website is more than just having something that looks nice. It is true that a gorgeous web design is going to keep you motivated to use the site, but it can be very interesting to see just how beneficial a web design is going to be when it comes to the business you are running. Creating a web design that is simplistic and professional will make your visitors want to stay and learn more about your company. The design is a trustworthy one that makes them feel comfortable when contacting you or ordering Read the rest of this entry »


Does Responsive Web Design Cost More?

A responsive web design does cost more than a conventional website that looks good only on desktop computers. If you’re having your first business website made, a responsive design will cost less than having two websites built, with one dedicated to mobile customers.

If you are planning to have a non-responsive website, you are going to lose business from people shopping on smartphones, tablets and laptops. Many consumers do not have time to leisurely shop from home, preferring to find what they Read the rest of this entry »


Website Monetization: How To Increase Your Bottom Line

Every publish wants to make the most money possible from his or her website, yet many publishers don’t invest any time in learning how to maximize their earning potential. Putting more advertisements on a website does not increase earnings, a careful evaluation of ads, ad placement and overall website design and content is much more important.

When publishers place ads in the header or on the right side of their website, visitors will ignore them. Banner blindness refers to web surfers who ignore these areas of websites because they Read the rest of this entry »


What Is Meant By Adaptive Vs. Responsive Web Design

More and more users are accessing websites using their smartphone and tablet devices. In fact, recent studies had more than 65 of all internet traffic occurring on mobile devices. Its no wonder that web-designers are focusing on the best practices for rendering their sites on mobile device screens.

Responsive web design detects the device that is being used to access the website and reorders the information on the page in a series of re-sizable grids. These grids format the data and webpage in a way that makes it easily viewable on a mobile device. Responsive web design Read the rest of this entry »